Welcome to Positive Faith

Everything on this website is a resource relating to HIV and the Christian Faith. We have three different video series:

Living with HIV - Pastoral videos directly addressed to people living with HIV

HIV and faith matters - Videos for understanding and awareness

Church, community and HIV – Videos that promote ideas for welcome and inclusion

And a library of material under 'Resources' that go alongside.


Perhaps you are someone living with HIV, or affected by HIV or concerned you might be at risk of getting the virus.

You may be a member of a church, school or faith community, eager to create a place of welcome for those living with, and affected by HIV.

You may want to understand and educate yourself and others on how Christians can, and do, navigate church and theology with an HIV diagnosis.

You might be worried about a friend, family member, colleague, patient, church member and want to understand more and be able to signpost them to a safe space.

This resource is for you.

Positive Faith is original material free to use and download and share. We also share other resources that are relevant and useful.

The resource features many people who are living with HIV and have a Christian faith, speaking openly and honestly – to heighten awareness and to reach out pastorally.