Living with HIV

You may be at the beginning of your journey and your new life as someone living with HIV. Or perhaps you have been diagnosed for some time. Whatever point you are at in your life we hope that these videos will strengthen you and help you to live well, and happily, knowing that you are loved by God. We are confident that the resources of Christian faith can help you to grow and to flourish as God intends. This is what God wants for all of God’s children, including His children living with HIV

You can watch these videos in the order they appear, but they can also be viewed separately.

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Everyone in these videos are living with HIV or affected by HIV. When you watch, take the time you need, and find the space you feel safe in.

The majority of people featured in these videos are living with HIV or affected by HIV. When you watch, find the space you feel safe in, and take the time you need.

Video Series


Introduction to Living with HIV videos



Being diagnosed with HIV - Do not be anxious



Being diagnosed – do not be Afraid



HIV is not punishment from God



HIV & Judgement - Internalised stigma



HIV and feeling guilty for your behaviour - Internalised Stigma



HIV and the judgement of others - Externalised stigma



HIV: Feeling alone? - Part 1: God is with you always and in everything



HIV Feeling alone? - Part 2: Christ is with you



HIV: Living well - Finding support - Clinics and peer support



HIV: Living well - Talking to others about HIV



HIV: Living well - Praying for a cure - Part 1



HIV: Living well - Praying for a cure - Part 2



Sex and sexuality



For men who have sex with other men



Prayer - God of Love








If you are affected by the issues raised throughout this website and need additional support or guidance NAM aidsmap provides the most comprehensive listing of HIV-related services across the world.

If you live in Britain or Ireland and would like further HIV related Christian support, please contact CAPS or contact Terrence Higgins Trust helpline THT-Direct on 0808 802 1221

If you are worried about your health and HIV contact your local sexual health clinic or local doctor's surgery to find out how to get tested and treated.